Friday, September 30, 2011


the early seventies
street walking waikiki
selling land in florida
for gac

had i had the insight
and yes the money
had i ignored jokes of
swamp territory

i would be rich now
in the world's currency
and ah such are memories
what irony

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Looking Up She Bows Her Head

she curls her hands up
in the shape of a cup with 

elbows together

her palms then unite
she sees diamond light within
her very fingers

Within The Cat's Eye

he sleeps with one eye
little whiskers twitching
rapid eye movement

little leon what are you
probably about the capture
of yet another trophy

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Your Beloved Is You

it's whom you've been seeking
to be there with no end

the one to protect you
and to be your best friend

the one to defend you
and the one to be true
for beyond forever
your beloved is you

Spirit Seer

she reads their being
seeing beyond the facade

the light in their eyes

Beautiful Angel Teachers

their names were wilma
tanya and regina
ladies in their late eighties
where are their friends and family

graciously allowing me
to visit them and to have
a delightful spot of tea
and to share their lovely light

knowing i lived just down the hall
next door and across the street
they just trusted and are
the golden heart i see

Seeing Eyes

he watches intently
as the mouse darts across the screen

and the energy of my mouse

he retrains himself
except for his dancing tail across the keyboard
and the energy of his house

he watches tv
as the visuals flash upon the screen
far over his head as if in awe

the voices are soothing
except when they yell or scream for he seems
to like the calm and happy vibes better

but it's all magical to us ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Diamond Light

there's a place within to go
it exists within the heart

where white beaches
golden rays
through crystal waves
are spirit's art

there's a space within in the stars
it is warm and always clear
where white stardust
glowing orbs
and magic dances
do appear

diamond light
and it feels like it's heaven to see
right here on this white sand within
a blessed place to be

Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Leon

he's my baby gray tiger
with his deep green eyes
such tiny white socks

wide stripes on his thighs

he's my baby gray tiger
just about a tiger's size
and he thinks it's hilarious
when i call him mine

From The Heart~

AWESOME and Spirit of Beauty in my life,... and THANK YOU, Dear Rosemary!!:!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Haiku Of Oneness~

high cliffs call to me
with a path to see the sea
to be crystal sand

Voice Of The Heart

all words of spirit
is spoken by thee
the sermon of birds
the speech of the sea
language of music
the treatise of creeds
the promise within
the silence of seeds
aum of the cosmos
the prayer of the dove
the poem of the soul
the dialogue of love
hymn of the essence
the anthem of all
chant of the presence
invoking the call
vestige of prophets
inspired anew
legends of angels
expanding the view
sacred awareness
the truth to impart
divine revealer
the voice of the heart~

Full Moon Love

Full Moon Love~

she peeks through the leaves
of the silver oak tree
at the peak of her height

golden light glows and
she winks as she flows
into my dream time