Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stars Of The Week

first day is the sun's

then the moon has her day

as mars soon appears

mercury on it's way

next is jupiter's

as venus says beware

soon to be saturn's

day to rest and repair 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Message To Moi

alpha woman up

my dearest one

although is not your nature

unless up against

a proverbial wall

stand tall in posture

in your power

in the knowing that you are blessed

with no more eggshells

designed to make you fall

Beautiful One! :)

moon of my being
i shall dance in your light and

bask in pure beauty

Heart Of Love~

with radiating eyes

clothing dripped in moonlight

cloaked by the sun

after her witness of

a misty full moon

she brings in the spring equinox

a time of releasing yet

a time of growth

of altered plans

of setting intentions yet

feelings of disappointement

in expectations

living within both and still

a magical castle

filled with the heart of love

Spirit's Breath Haiku~

a sudden cool breeze

sweeps sweet tears from my cheeks then

as suddenly leaves

Gentle Smile

as she sees her reflection

in the mirror

her face looks old and sad now

only she can see

her deep grief

at the very least

her face looks so

very different than it did

before she lost her true love

and why wouldn't it

and yet again her grace

will see the beauty in her face

in her gentle smile

the smiling eyes

of her gentle style

Bliss Is~

once saw my own tomb

just a tiny white home

past anyone's glimpse

in a forest to roam

the flowers in bloom

just beyond what is known

sweet fragrance of bliss

we are not alone